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Early in the game, you need preliminary budgeting, scheduling and construct-ability information. Each project has unique challenges and without this important step, the project’s success is jeopardized. We use the latest technology and draw on our real-world experience in the pre-construction phase.

Site evaluations, project reviews along with budgets, selection of talented design teams, vetting pre-qualified contractors, and early takeoff cost analysis are all critical components to the equation.


In a traditional low-bid project, if the design is missing a detail after construction begins, the general contractor will likely go back to the owner’s architect with a change order, leading to construction delays and unbudgeted costs. Using the design/build method of construction delivery, Pustola & Associates retains and leads the project team and takes responsibility for designing and constructing a project from start to finish. The owner provides us with the scope of the project and the proposed construction budget and we proceed to deliver a project on time and on budget. Project is expedited and more easily coordinated when designer and builder are one.


In connection with its design-build services, Pustola's in-house design department provides its clients with design drawings that meet all federal, state, and local codes, rules and regulations pertaining to their project. In addition, Pustola & Associates utilizes state of the art technology to create renderings and  3-D graphics. Further, Pustola's design team works in connection with our construction department project managers to produce designs that are both stunning and economically viable.


​Successful completion of any project requires the right people, the right approach and the right system. Our experienced construction project managers have a proven ability to navigate the broad range of regulatory and technical aspects of a project.

Unlike most general contractors, Pustola & Associates does not rely on consultants to provide pricing on all trades. We have our own in-house construction estimating staff that prepares a detailed quantity take-off to compare with the subcontractor pricing. 


​As a leading site work company, we provide our clients with a number of site services, all which fall under the umbrella of complete site work excavation, including everything from clearing, cuts and fills, rock excavation to the installation of water, sewer, fire and storm lines.

Pustola & Associates has a highly skilled, professional staff of operators, laborers and foreman along with an arsenal of modern construction equipment for every project, no matter the size or scope.

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